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What is the path of everyone fleeing the war so that they can quickly and easily take advantage of the opportunity for help and services from the state?

In order to alleviate the situation, Bulgaria has approved a procedure for immediately obtaining the status of TEMPORARY PROTECTION, which is given to the citizens of Ukraine at the border, after the relevant inspection by the border services.

Acquisition of temporary protection does not restrict people fleeing the war in Ukraine from leaving the territory of Bulgaria at any time, nor does it deprive them of previous citizenship (Ukrainian or otherwise). 

Thus, everyone who entered Bulgaria should decide whether they want to choose one of the following options:

  • To reside on the territory of Bulgaria in a visa-free regime with a Ukrainian document, as follows: Ukrainian identity document, passport, birth certificate, others;
  • To apply and register for temporary protection at the following points: see the map here:


What does the status of temporary protection provide?

Temporary protection is granted for a period of 1 year. From the moment of its receipt, citizens have the following rights:

Access to healthcare

Emergency care; right to vaccination according to the specially prepared immunization calendar for children, consistent with that of Ukraine (vaccinations are made in each RHI); equal right with Bulgarian citizens to access medical care, if they are from vulnerable groups; health control and prevention;

Access to education

All children have access to school and kindergartens at the end of the vaccination cycle according to the Bulgarian calendar. The registration takes place in the respective RWU of the Ministry of Education and Science. An individual assessment of the educational needs when enrolling in the respective school / kindergarten is performed

Access to the labour market

The access to the labour market is implemented without additional permits, except for licensed professions, which require alignment with national requirements; access to the services of the Labor Offices – information about work, referral and others
The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy supporting the call center, for which the employees of the competent authority will provide consultations in Bulgarian and Ukrainian citizens regarding access to the labor market in Bulgaria - 0800 88 001.

Access to legal aid

Access to free legal assistance from the Ministry of Justice and organizations providing legal assistance.

Access to social assistance

one-time social assistance in the amount of BGN 375, provided by the Agency for Social Assistance which is given to each person from the risk group.


Sofia Municipality is assisting those fleeing the war in Ukraine with transport, accommodation, health care, access to jobs, humanitarian and legal aid and free parking. At this stage, the Sofia Municipal Council voted BGN 300,000 from the budget of Sofia Municipality to be spent on providing assistance to Ukrainian citizens.

Transport from the border to Sofia

The Emergency Aid and Prevention Directorate has vehicles that transport people from the Ukrainian-Romanian border to Sofia, assisting and caring for them on the road and at check-in.


Sofia provides accommodation for 206 refugees from Ukraine – 105 on the territory of the municipality and 101 on the basis of a municipal company in the town of Primorsko. Among the accommodation places are 18 on the territory of centers for providing social services, with excellent conditions for mothers with children, including the possibility to provide psychological assistance. The hospital for post-treatment in the Pancharevo region can accommodate elderly people who also need medical care. District administrations are also actively involved in the provision of accommodation. For example, the Triaditsa district offered the Sofia Municipality two housing estates that could accommodate refugees and Ukrainian families. One object is an apartment is in zh.k. “South Park” and the other is a home in zh.k. “Shooting Range”. The region is fully ready to provide further assistance and assistance in the joint actions to meet the refugee flow of Ukrainians and our compatriots from Ukraine. Other accommodation options for Ukrainians in need are currently being sought, such as in residential centers.

Public transportation

Those affected by the military conflict in Ukraine will use Sofia's public transport for free for three months. They will need to present a passport or registration card containing a personal number.


Municipal hospitals in Sofia provide free medical care to refugees.

Access to workplaces

Invest Sofia creates a mechanism for access of Ukrainians to jobs through which they can get:
•Information about job positions
•Training and retraining
•Direct contact with employers.
The Invest Sofia team is already working on building a fast and efficient mechanism for businesses to meet through the various organizations that work with refugees to offer real support to everyone. For information call +359 89 705 0746. At the moment, the First General Hospital “St. Sofia” is ready to provide jobs for Ukrainian medics. The hospital has vacancies for midwives in various wards and in intensive care.

Humanitarian aid

Aid points were also opened in several regional municipalities, including Slatina. Sofia Municipality provides temporary and gratuitous premises for a humanitarian center, where to receive and distribute aid to Ukrainian refugees. At the meeting of the Municipal Council, held on March 10, it was decided to provide the premises of 200 square meters in the “Vazrazhdane” district, Tsaribrodska Street. The goal is to have more order and guide citizens. Donations will be accepted and distributed there.

Legal aid

A team of lawyers provides free legal advice and consultations on tel. +35924007342 and email

Free parking for vehicles with Ukrainian registration in Sofia

Sofia Municipality provides parking spaces for free use of vehicles with Ukrainian registration, which is located at the entrance “A3” of the National Palace of Culture – National Palace of Culture. The parking lot will be able to be used by everyone else, as before. This location was chosen because it has free capacity and the daily activities of Sofia residents will not be hindered.


Bulgarian Red Cross Hotline

• Hotline of the Bulgarian Red Cross for psychosocial support: 08001 1466, open every day from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm volunteers who speak Ukrainian and Russian will be on duty.
• Hotline of the Bulgarian Red Cross for questions regarding medical and health care in our country: 0800 20101, every day from 8:00 to 20:00. Contact the consultants:

Restoring famili links for members of separated families of the Bulgarian Red Cross

Restoration of family links for members of separated families, applications are accepted at and by phone +359 88 400 73 63, including via WhatsApp and Viber.

International Organization for Migration hotlines for information and support for people fleeing Ukraine to different countries

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has set up information and support hotlines for people fleeing Ukraine in various countries. IOM hotlines and contacts: Ukraine: 527 (free from mobile phones), 0800505501 (free from landlines).

Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria and situation center

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Bulgaria + 359-28-18-68-28; Consular Department: +359 2 955 93 54 and +359 2 818 68 27 and + 359-29-55-52-47; Email:; Consular Department:
Situation center at the Embassy of Ukraine, only in case of threat to life or death of Ukrainian citizens: (+359) 878 015 102; Address: 1618, Sofia, Ovcha Kupel, 29 Boryana Str.

Access to services for deaf people fleeing the war in Ukraine

Link to video sign language translation; Direct connection via Viber video calls in sign language for deaf people + 359 877 951 718


Electronic classroom and textbooks for Ukrainian children

The Bulgarian platform е-просвета already has Ukrainian „класна стая“, for the children from Ukraine. 
Over 160 e-readable versions of textbooks up to 11th grade of one of the leading publishers of children's and educational literature in Ukraine – „Ranok“, are available and can be used free of charge. 
Access to textbooks in e-education does not require registration and is done quickly through a specially created page „FOR UKRAINE“.

Free mobile language courses (including Bulgarian) for Ukrainian refugees

Mondly provides its courses free of charge to all Ukrainians displaced in European countries. The application provides premium content for Ukrainians and offers courses in 25 European languages, including Bulgarian. & Nbsp; To unlock free courses for Ukrainians, Ukrainian must be set as your native language during registration. & Nbsp; The language learning application is available & nbsp; online , as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android .

Trafficking in human beings: important information for Ukrainian citizens seeking protection in Bulgaria

People fleeing areas of military conflict seeking protection in other countries are extremely vulnerable to involvement in human trafficking and exploitation. Trafficking in human beings is a serious crime against the person, linked to a serious violation of human rights and abuse of human dignity.

Information about organizations providing support and humanitarian aid in Bulgaria


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