Entitlement to social benefits

Foreigners with a permit for long-term or permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria, foreigners who have been granted asylum, refugee status, or humanitarian status, foreigners benefiting from temporary protection, and persons for whom this is provided in an international treaty to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party, shall be entitled to social assistance (Social Assistance Act)

They are granted after assessing: the income of the person or family; financial situation; martial status; state of health; employment and education; agr; and other established circumstances.

Types of social benefits

Social benefits are monthly, targeted, and single payments.

Issuing an identity card

For the issuance of an identity card, persons may be granted a single targeted benefit up to the amount of the guaranteed minimum income. The amount of the aid shall be determined by the Director of the Social Assistance Directorate depending on the costs necessary to pay the statutory costs and fees for issuing the identity card and transport costs.

Meeting occasional health, education, utility, and other needs.

The provision of this type of support is post-interview and contingent upon the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances. Support is only provided once a year. The single benefit of up to five times the guaranteed minimum income shall be determined by the order of the Director of the Social Assistance Directorate or an official authorized by him.

– Monthly benefits.

Monthly benefits are determined on the basis of income, number of household members, ownership and type of housing, health status, marital status, age, savings, etc. A condition for receiving monthly benefits is registration with the Labor Office if the applicant is of working age and has no employment or civil contract. Unemployment persons of working age who do not participate in employment programs are required to perform 4 hours of compulsory community service per day for a period of 14 days. Parents with children under the age of three, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, refugees, and persons with humanitarian status who participate in integration activities are exempted from the community service requirement.

– Targeted benefits

The monthly, targeted, and single benefits at the discretion of the Director of the Social Assistance Directorate shall be provided in kind in cases where: the parents do not care for their children; the monetary assistance is not used for it’s intended purpose. (2) The assistance may be provided by: partial or full payment of fees in child care institutions covering the costs of food in school canteens and public dining rooms; purchase of foodstuffs, clothing, footwear, school supplies, etc.; (3) in any other way determined by a social inquiry. Monthly aid, determined in kind, to persons and families who refuse to receive it shall be suspended for the month concerned.

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