Higher Education

Foreigners, including third country nationals who hold a document for completed secondary education, providing them with access to education in the higher schools of the country in which the secondary education was acquired, or a document for completed higher education or a degree of higher education, may apply to the higher schools in  Bulgaria.

Foreigners can apply in the higher schools of the Republic of Bulgaria:

– in implementation of intergovernmental agreements for educational, scientific and cultural exchange;

– according to acts of the Council of Ministers;

 Foreigners may apply for training under the terms and conditions for admission of Bulgarian citizens in higher education institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria, if:

– are nationals of a Member State of the European Union and of the European Economic Area;

– have the status of permanent residents on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

– have refugee  or  humanitarian status;

– are of Bulgarian nationality, certified by Decree № 103 of the Council of Ministers of 1993 for carrying out educational activities among Bulgarians abroad

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