Within the project “Support for the development of integration policies and services for refugees in Sofia,” funded by UNHCR – Bulgaria, SDA is implementing a series of initiatives for both integration professionals and citizens of Sofia. Since the beginning of the year, we have conducted information meetings with experts from Sofia Municipality and employers who hire refugees. We have also organized a hackathon involving young people from schools in Sofia and Blagoevgrad. In our most recent meeting, which was dedicated to the Day of Sofia on September 17, 2023, we invited refugees, migrants, and foreigners who have chosen Sofia as their home to share their experiences and perspectives on the city and its inhabitants. For the SDA team, these events go beyond being mere project activities. Years of work on this topic have taught us that people from different cultures can coexist in harmony and peace if they have access to sufficient and objective information about others around them. If this topic resonates with you, we would be pleased to offer you a brief presentation on some of our initiatives thus far. These initiatives aim to reach a wide audience with a message of mutual understanding and the importance of supporting those in need. The presentation can be seen HERE!