“Convoy World” is a leading manufacturing and trading company in the field of consumer goods. With a long history in cosmetics production and trade, in the year 2000, a new and modern facility was opened, located on a 10 000 sq. m. area, in the northern part of Sofia – in the area of Novi Iskar. The company’s main activity is the production of foam, household sponges, bath sponges, floor wipers, cleaning cloths, cleaning agents, and importing and distributing leading brands of household products. Their products occupy a leading position in the domestic market with major customers being leading chain stores, established trading companies, and a network of retail stores. They export products to over 30 countries with the mission to deliver high-quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly goods.

At the end of 2021, Convoy World was awarded by the Sofia Development Association, Sofia Municipality, Caritas Sofia, and the UNHCR Representation in Bulgaria in the first edition of the “Responsible Employers of Refugees and Migrants Awards” in the category “Sustainable Commitment to Migrant Employees”. The company has been employing asylum seekers and third-country nationals for more than 6 years. In addition to much-needed work, as a socially responsible employer Convoy World plc provides an address, housing, and comprehensive support with other necessary services such as kindergarten enrolment, a personal doctor, etc.

The company is looking to recruit people with basic work habits of discipline, teamwork skills, and performance, for the following positions:


Packing household goods (sponges, mops, towels, etc.) into cartons and bags, applying stickers, tape, etc., loads labels and cartons onto an assembly line.

Starting pay 1200 lv. NET + food voucher worth 100 BGN, additional bonuses based on established production norms. Employment contract on full benefits. Payment of advance and salary 2 times a month


Packaging and palletizing materials, semi-finished or finished products (sponges, mops, towels, etc.), loading and unloading all necessary raw materials and supplies required for the normal operation of the work process to the appropriate workstation, performing general work process-related activities.

Starting pay 1300 BGN. NET + food voucher worth BGN 100, additional bonuses based on established production norms. Employment contract on full benefits. Payment of advance and salary 2 times a month.

Information on social benefits that support the workers:

  • Payment of the public transport card after the first month (for line 27). If the worker continues with the employment and travels from a longer distance, the cost of a card for the entire public transport of Sofia may be covered after the third month of employment;
  • Free shuttle bus Bov-Svoge-Konvoy;
  • Free midday meal – all lunch costs covered;
  • Free filtered or mineral water – machines throughout the facility;
  • For workers who need accommodation – accommodation in a departmental block, next to the factory, at a rent of 300 BGN for a 3-room self-contained apartment, about 85 m2, equipped. With the possibility to accommodate a family or up to 4 people together. The area of Novi Iskar is provided with schools, kindergartens, and health care. For 2 workers can a room with a shared bathroom on the floor – rent price for the room – 120 BGN per month;

For further information, you can contact a representative of “Convoy World”: 

Phone: 0899 917708

Email: k.denkova@convoybg.com

or you can visit the office of the “Bureau of Information and Services for Third Country Nationals” at 113 “Hristo Botev” Boulevard in Sofia!