Introduce your company and its activities to readers.

Ortoteh Ltd. is a Bulgarian family company established in 2004 with the activity of production and trade of orthopedic medical devices for the musculoskeletal system. The company’s main goal is to provide Bulgarian and foreign customers with individual and mass-produced modern, high-quality products that help overcome chronic or traumatic joint and muscle problems faster. Another significant part of the company’s product range is represented by standard medical immobilization products – soft textile orthoses for various parts of the body. Ortoteh Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of individual orthopedic insoles in Bulgaria and for several years the company has been working with foreign partners and exporting products outside Bulgaria to countries such as Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Greece, and Macedonia.

How long have you been working with refugees and what conditions do you offer them?

Ortotech has been working with refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Syria for several years. The company tries to help and assist those in need in various ways. Some of the activities include help in finding housing, providing flexible working hours that can be combined with Bulgarian language courses, and assistance in getting the necessary documents. The positive experience so far with refugees and migrants motivates Ortotech to continue with this activity. The company will continue to provide jobs and will continue to help refugees and migrants in need and in distress in whatever way it can.

What would you recommend to other Bulgarian companies looking to hire refugees?

Ortotech recommends that colleagues and organizations wishing to recruit and work alongside refugees and migrants first have an honest conversation with their employees to listen and allay any concerns or prejudices they may initially have. This will raise the awareness of the collective, which in turn will ensure a smoother and more seamless integration of the newcomers. All parties will thus be more sympathetic and relaxed towards their common work.

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