Teachers have a critical role to support refugee children. This role is more than teaching, especially when the kids are still in the adaptation phase. How these children see education, what is their school experience is of utmost importance to overcome the trauma of they suffered in their own country, leaving the environment they know, travelling and settling in a new place.

On November 2-nd, on the occasion of the Day of the National Revival Leaders, Sofia Development Association, Sofia Municipality and UNHCR awarded 45 educators – experts from the Regional Governance of Education and teachers from Sofia schools, who have created welcoming classrooms to all children and their parents, who help refugee and migrant kids feel at home, develop self-confidence and skills important for overcoming the toxic stress.

Education is human right of every refugee in any country. It is also the basis on which many migrant kids and their families can rebuild their life. Mrs. Malina Edreva, chairperson of Sofia Municipal Council committee on education, culture and diversity, and Mrs. Petya Karayaneva, protection officer at UNHCR representation in Sofia, expressed the community gratitude to the educations for their contribution to the future of the city.

SDA and UNHCR will continue to provide support to school, headmasters and teachers throughout the academic year.