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In honor of the Day of Sofia, the Food and Spices Walking Tour was held in the center of the city.

Two different tours, one in Bulgarian and one in English, were organized and 20 people got to be a part of an adventure of the senses on “Tsar Simeon” street in Sofia.

The first stop was an Iranian bakery, where guests were taught how to make lavash. After stopping by Mustafa’s shop, the participants heard Ahmed’s story – an engineer who has lived in Bulgaria for the last 40 years of his life. He told the groups that one of the best moments of his life was when he got to vote for the first time as a Bulgarian citizen.

The participants also tried Lebanese sweets and ended their adventure in Sarah’s Afgan restaurant which she opened a year ago. There they tried sambosa, bolyani and other typical Afgan food.

Every last owner or worker in the establishments also shared their personal stories of migration, which made the tour a very personal one. All migrants had one thing in common – they love Bulgaria and adore Sofia as a city, because of its people. Happy Day of Sofia!

Organizers of the event were Meeting Points and the Sofia Development Association, with the financial help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The event is a part of the official Day of Sofia program as well as the European Mobility Week in Sofia.