If you would like to get to know the neighbourhood around the Bureau for Information and Services for third country nationals, you can use the new Map of (Middle) Eastern tastes – a digital voyage with real life stories and personas from the region of the Women’s Market. The online map is illustrated and contains 14 venues – small shops, bakeries, restaurants, pastry shops, whose cooks and shop assistants offer food and products from different easters and middle eastern countries like Iraq, Palestine, Turkey, Korea and others.

In the last few months Meeting Points surveyed the neighbourhood between Maria Luiza buld., Hristo Botev street, Slivnitsa blvd. and Pirotska street and collected photos, video and text to present to the citizens how diverse is this part of town. This heterogeneity enriches the culinary life in Sofia and helps us broaden our horizon regarding the cultural diversity.

The map is available here:  https://www.sofiaflavoursmap.com/bg?fbclid=IwAR0o84hzDtKrRum2ym_CuEbC3qIpMO7dD8HG3nwJuI3G8MpW_QjKdKpDWXM