The country’s regional education departments (RDUs) accept applications from Ukrainians seeking or receiving international protection who want to enroll their children in kindergarten or school. Depending on the age, the class completed so far, the location and the desire of the parents, the refugee children and students are directed to a specific educational institution. The aim is to complete this preparatory work as soon as possible so that refugees can join the training as soon as they receive official legal status in Bulgaria.

You may find detailed Information on the procedure for admission and education of children and students of preschool and school-age from Ukraine in Bulgarian state and municipal kindergartens and schools in Bulgarian, English and Ukrainian.

Children of dual-parent parents can be admitted to a kindergarten or school without going through the procedures for refugees who have only a Ukrainian passport.

A sample application has been published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science, which parents from Ukraine must fill out and submit to the RWB. In it they must indicate the mother tongue of the child, whether he speaks to some extent Bulgarian or other European languages, where and which class he graduated in his country. Consultations can be obtained on the Hotline of the Ministry of Education and Science 0800 16 111.

There are trained experts in each RDU who have experience in the admission and training of children seeking or receiving international protection. A mechanism for the reception of refugee children in the Bulgarian educational system has existed since 2015. It was established in connection with refugees from the war in Syria.

You may find a list of all RDUs in Bulgarian, English and Ukrainian.

A sample application for admission of refugee children to a Bulgarian kindergarten or school can be downloaded in Bulgarian and English.