Access to the labour market

The citizens of the EU (European Union), EEA countries (European Economic Area) or the Swiss Confederation have identical access to the labor market as Bulgarian citizens, but there are certain requirements and restrictions for access to the labor market for third-country nationals. countries (Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act).

Third-country nationals may perform work-related activities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria only if they reside legally on the territory of the country, which is certified by the relevant residence permit or residence and work permit issued by the Ministry of Interior, or after issuing a residence permit from the executive director of the Employment Agency for work or for performing  freelance activities.

For foreigners with long-term stay permits or permanent residence in Bulgaria, or with the same rights under the mainstream, through the asylum granted, or with beneficiaries of international protection: refugee or humanitarian status holders (Law on Asylum and Refugees) is not required permission to access the labor market of the Republic of Bulgaria. Asylum seekers may start work three months after submitting an asylum application at the Registration and Reception Centers of the State Agency for Refugees. The period is calculated according to the date of registration, and an official note certifying this right is issued.

Third-country nationals don’t have access labour market in the following cases:

– Have a visa for short-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria, except in cases of seasonal employment up to 90 days;

– They have a permit for long-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria on the grounds of Art. 24, para 1, items 2, 6-8,10,14,16,19 and 20 of the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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